Stories of Dementia Life

These stories can be found on the Home Page or in the Category section in the right side column titled ‘Stories of Dementia Life’.  I haven’t figured out how to add these stores from the menu section in the top bar.  The Home Page and the Category section will hold the stories until I get this figured out.

I am going to pick one facility here in Bozeman and start a routine of regular visits.  I will have to work on a schedule but I am hoping that I will be able to visit everyday and come to know the folks who live there.

At mom’s care facility there are always folks in the activity room which is also the dining room and the common gathering room for the residents.  In a short time the residents became more familiar with me and they began greeting me with a wave and/or a hello and a smile.  Many would want me to come over to them and chat a little.  They would reach out to hold my hand and look up with a big grin on their face.  All they want is for someone to notice them and give them a kind word and a warm hand to hold.

Folks who live in these care facilities often have few visitors.  Some spend the day walking the halls and may put on many miles day after day.  Others may not be able to walk and basically are sitting around in lounge chairs or in a wheel chair that has been pushed up to a table or sat in front of the TV.  The TV is always turned on, sometimes with oldie shows playing and other times with oldie’s music playing.  Artists like Patsie Cline, Conway Twitty, Patty Page, Connie Francais. Doris Day and many others play throughout the day and night.

Please be aware that I am not complaining about what the residents are doing or not doing throughout the day and night.  Mostly the residents are not capable of doing much of anything but sit around so it is good to have some noise in the background, like the TV and music.  AND, I must also say that mom’s facility has wonderful Activity Planning Girls who implement fun and interesting games and activities for the resident’s to do on various levels of competency and ability every single day.  Plus, resident’s get personal attention by having their hair done or their nails done.  This personal attention is wonderful for them and makes them feel special… it should!

So stay tuned!  It will take me a little bit of time to get this moving along but I hope to post something new on this page within a week.




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