A Little Update on Mom

I have not written a post here for some time so I thought it would be a nice thing to update now with a little more information on how mom is doing.

I hear from my brother and SIL in Seattle often regarding mom’s continued progress and outings they take her on.   Henry recently took mom for an entire day to visit my dad’s brother.  Uncle is 85 and is the last of the brothers.  It is so very good that Uncle and mom get to see each other.

Henry says that when mom visits with Uncle that she is so comfortable and herself and one would never know that she has dementia/alzheimer’s.  She had a wonderful long day which greatly contributes to mom’s well being and feeling of importance and relevance.

Otherwise mom continues to be excellent.  Henry is there everyday or almost everyday and he makes sure she gets out and about and that she knows she is loved.  It is good for mom to have loving care givers through Henry and Dorothy.

Thank you to Henry and Dorothy.

Here is a little peek at what I am working on:

Mom was born in 1928.  She along with her sister, brother and both parents lived through the great depression era.  When I was little, mom often reminded me that she remembers going to bed at night with only a piece of bread for dinner, hence the family rule of eating everything on your dinner plate before you could leave the table.  Funny, but that rule is so engraved into her head that even now at 86 she wants to clean her plate even if it means she will be uncomfortable.  Sometimes it is so difficult that she cries if she has too much food on her plate.  We have asked the nurses to cut her portions in half which makes it easier for mom to eat it all.


2 responses to “A Little Update on Mom

  1. Glad to hear from you, I was wondering how you and your mom were doing. That is a nice picture of you and your mom.She looks young and healthy.


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