Another Fall

I have returned to Montana where the temperature is below zero and the furnace is out.  We do have a brand new gas fireplace that has not been used in 20 years so I watched a couple of videos on youtube to figure out how to light the pilot and get it going.  Success!!  Now I’m waiting for a call back to see if we can do something about the furnace.

The last time I posted I gave you an update about mom’s first fall recovery.  She was doing rather well until the morning I was leaving and then she fell again.  I received the call at 4:00am and I rushed to the hospital with my brother who had arrived from California just 7 hours earlier.  X Rays were taken and once again, there are no broken bones.  Mom is in very good spirits and was close to the point of being released when we arrived.  I am grateful that she wasn’t so traumatized this time.

We took her back to the care center and got her into her wheel chair and she stayed there for a good while.  It was, unfortunately, time for me to head to the airport so I had to say good bye then.  Mom’s husband, Charlie, stayed with her and I am hoping that she was feeling like eating some lunch as it would be lunch time soon.

After talking to the nurse at the facility, mom will be on constant monitor so the staff and nurses always know where she is and what she is doing.  She will now be wearing a beeper cord that will beep loudly when she stands up and she will also have a motion monitor in her room.  The staff will know the second she swings her feet from the bed to the floor.  I’m hoping this will be the end of the falling.

The thing about this fall is that the night time staff person got mom up about 2:00am to get her to the bathroom and then back into bed.  The problem is that mom forgot that she had been potty and she decided to get up to go potty again. The staff person found mom on the bathroom floor when she rechecked on her.  So the monitor’s will be a good thing to have for mom from this point forward.

Now with Henry and Dorothy back and in close proximity to the care facility, I have complete confidence that mom will be properly taken care of.

More good news is that Henry and Dorothy have brought in a lift chair that will be placed in her room.  It was delivered yesterday and will probably be placed so mom can look out of the window at the garden or she can spend time reading instead of going to her room and going to bed for lack of something else to do.  Progress continues to be made!



2 responses to “Another Fall

  1. Sorry to hear about your mum’s falls – hope the measures in place do the job…


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