Update – Accident In Dementia Care

The last two days have been very traumatic for mom and for me.  Mom does seem to be better this morning.  She did get up and moving around after the pain med had time to take affect.  She was cleaned up and she ate breakfast and was having good conversation for the 3 hours I was there.

The nurses now have mom on a good schedule for pain meds.  Mom will get a pain pill about 20 to 30 minutes before the staff  comes in to get her ready for the day.  Getting ready for the day involves: getting her up out of bed, into the bathroom for potty time and getting clothes on her.  Then mom goes in for breakfast.

Three hours after the first pain med she will get a tylenol or ibuprofen to boost the pain med relief.  Then 3 hours after that she will receive another pain med.  That is what we are working with at the moment.

We are also hoping to get the order for Physical Therapy.  I am feeling better and relieved that she seems to be on her way to recovery.  The only problem that we don’t know at this minute is what was causing her back pain before the fall.  The fall increased pain in an already painful back, so maybe we need to get to the real problem for the initial back pain.

I arrived at the care facility this morning around 8:45.  I wanted to be there when they got mom up for potty so I could assess her pain level for myself but the girls had already gotten her up, potty’d and dressed.  She already had her pain meds and now is sleeping.  I will get her up shortly but all seems to be back on track.



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