Improvement Means Changes In Activities

Because mom has improved so much I have made a request from my brother, who is the Power Of Attorney, to purchase a lift chair for mom that will be placed in her room.  He said he will do that and he has begun the search already.  I am hoping that he will make a purchase before he leaves on his two week trip out of state.  Mom needs the chair now.

Mom’s activity level needs to increase since she is awake most of the time now.  Even when I arrive in the afternoon and she is laying in bed, she is not asleep.  I have gone in a number of times and sat on the bed, she appears to be sleeping but she is such a trickster!  I look at her and I can tell she’s not asleep so I tell her, “something tells me, you’re not asleep!”  So she jokes me by sitting up and in a loud voice says “No, I’m not!”   She is so funny!!

Obviously, to me anyhow, she just has nothing to do so she goes to her room and the only thing in there is her bed, so she lays down.  NOT, what we want happening.  So the plan now is to get her the lift chair, a lamp with daylight bulbs and some appropriate activities.

I am looking for activity ideas for her so if you think of anything please post them for me in the comments.

I believe a trip to Michael’s is in order.  I have seen alphabet letters at Michael’s.  I will get my younger brother to glue letters onto a board of some kind and then mom could paint them.  The letters can start with her name or other resident names that could be attached to the wall outside of their room.  OR, my SIL suggested doing some type of charity work, something where the purpose of the project has meaning.  Good one!!  Plus another person suggested small latch hook projects, magazines and/or photo books to look through as well.  That’s what I have so far.

I’m thinking that if there were a shelf with a different activity available from time to time that mom might show interest in these things.  The idea here is to keep her busy, alert and engaged.  Boredom is no fun for anybody.  So time to step it up.

I would love to hear your ideas!


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