Dementia Care Facility Activities Director

On the up side.  Yesterday before I visited with mom the Activities Director for the facility stopped to chat with me.

Up until this point I didn’t formally know that she was the Activities Director, basically my knowledge of that was just a guess on my part.  It was good to hear how she is working with mom and getting to know her.

Just this one impromptu conversation shows me that staff is on board with helping family to understand what it is they are doing during the day to help mom to become adjusted to her surroundings and to new people in her life.

Jen told me about how mom is getting her schedule set up for her needs.  Plus, Jen let me know how she interacts with mom to assist in getting mom to activities and out of her room.  Jen is telling me what she is saying and actions she is taking with mom that are helping to build a relationship between them.

Ah, I continue to live and learn every day.  Jen is not the ‘Director’ but one of 3 who work within the definition of providing activities at the facility.  Still, it’s all good!

Now, several days later, I have spoken to the actual Activities Director.  I will be working with her to begin a volunteered activity directly after breakfast one day a week.  I have observed that on most mornings mom is not really tired but goes in to lay down because she really just doesn’t have anything else to do.  And I have found that most of the folks on the Level 1 side of the facility do go to take a nap directly after breakfast.

It would seem to me that maybe if they had some kind of activity going on, that they may stay engaged and awake.  One of the reasons we moved mom in to this facility is so she would not be sleeping all the time.  Her brain was getting no activity and that was a large contributor to her depression.

I do have a care professional who will be helping to answer some of the questions that will be coming up so be sure to check the comments for that.  I am hoping we can get some answers on Dementia/Alzheimer’s and sleeping.



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