I Met With Mom’s Care Facility Director Today

For me this is emotional.  It has only been 2 months since moving mom and working to bring her out of depression.  I am very concerned about mom sinking back so between me and my brother and SIL we have made sure that we are there to get mom up and motivated everyday.IMG_20141005_113243

I am concerned about what may happen if we don’t show up and so I wanted to talk with the Director and see what his thoughts are.  I am very happy that I did that.  I have learned that they have small stand up meetings everyday with staff, which means they briefly talk about specific residents and what is or what is not working for them.  Sometimes situations come up with residents and staff are working on problem solving for that resident.  I have learned that staff will not let mom remain in her room and in bed for extended lengths of time.  Plus, of course, mom has many people around her and much activity and staIMG_20141006_131753ff is always on watch to make sure the resident’s needs are met, which includes getting them up and to activities.

During this 50 minute meeting I was reassured that staff is committed to mom’s best care, that mom is not left alone and on her own for extended periods.  I do know and I have the understanding that with dementia these residents do sleep much more and more frequently than you or I would sleep.  And they actually do need to be allowed to kind of set their own schedule, just like we set our own schedule.

The key, that I am seeing, is to have the trained eye watch and learn the individual habits and patterns of residents.  When a patient first arrives at the facility she will have to develop her own habits and patterns before staff can assess their individuality.  Staff will then learn mom’s habits and can therefore be aware of pattern changes or abnormalities and assist the resident appropriately.   Ugggh, so much to learn.

At this point, I am completely happy that we made the appropriate move with mom into this dementia care facility.  Now, I am finding that I need to back off some and let them do their job, but still always remembering that family is important to mom.   We need to be there for her, we need to visit her, love her and walk with her through this disease.  She needs to be and feel relevant and we as her family must always stay on top of that.  She is in capable hands with proper care, we need to continue to make sure that all is well for her, while letting her settle in to who she is now.  It is difficult but at the same time it feels good to know that I no longer need to worry so much.


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