Learning More About Dementia Care Can Be Frustrating

At mom’s care facility I am seeing that they run the place like an institution.  I guess that is what it is but I wish there could be another way to integrate residents into care.  Maybe something more individualized.  Mom’s care isn’t particularly individualized and I don’t see the staff pairing mom with another person of  ‘like’ capabilities.

I know that I do need to understand that this isn’t “Camp for Seniors”, it’s Dementia Care.  Part of it I can understand but then other parts I cannot figure out.  Maybe that’s because I’m not there for the long run every day.  I’m there for 3 to 4 hours a day over the course of a couple of visits per day.  Since I have only been back here for weekend days, then maybe I will see a difference as the week day staff comes in today, Monday.

One of the really big concerns for me is that I want mom to be able to have conversation with other residents.  To do that my brother talked with the Director and he said the plan now is to take mom to the higher functioning area for activities and meals.  However, at lunch time the staff person put mom at a table by herself stating that a married couple would be joining her.   Of course, I stuck around and peeked into the dining room.  I never saw the married couple arrive and eventually I asked the staff to move her to another table, which she eventually did.

But later in the day a staff nurse told me that they don’t have room for mom in that section of the care facility and that mom doesn’t talk to anybody anyway.  Sooo frustrating to hear that.  I’ll be talking with the facility director when I visit today and see if I can get a better handle on what should or could be happening.   Maybe I’m just not getting it or something.  It’s pretty difficult for me when all I really want is for mom to be as happy as possible and to function at her level, which is still reasonably high.

Please, if anybody has any thoughts on this I would love to hear what you have to say.


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