I Saw Mom Today! Soooo Good!!

I arrived in Seattle later on Friday night so settling in at my brothers house, drinking some wine and getting caught up was on the agenda for the evening. They were headed to California in the morning.

Later in the morning, after I dropped them off at the airport I came home and had some food and got ready to go see mom.  And off I go.

I went in to her room and she was snoring.  It was around 11:15am.  I knew that she normally takes a nap after breakfast but I was hoping that she would have been easy to roust by now.  But, no way, she was in a deep sleep.  She only acknowledged my presence when I told her it was me from Montana.  She turned over and opened her eyes to look at me and then went back to snoring.  I could see there was no way she was going to wake up at that point.  So I left but I would come back later.

I came back around 2:00p and I saw that her husband was parked in front of the facility.  It always make my heart jump when I see him any more but I went in anyway.  I opened the door to mom’s room and he was rubbing her back and said to her “Why have you turned against me?”  I closed the door quietly and walked out into the area that is called ‘Main Street’ to just sit and contemplate what I should do now.

It didn’t take long before I was given something to do.  One of the other residents was having a difficult day and she wanted to go home…….and I’m telling you, when someone wants to go home there is no stopping them.  She had been plotting with one of the other residents and they had come up with a plan to escape.  They had gone out into one of the courtyards and using a walker and attempted to climb over the wrought iron fence.  Well, that of course, ended in disaster.  The man fell and couldn’t get up – I didn’t see all this but I was around when it happened so I was privy to conversations that were happening with staff.

So they got him up and called the ambulance, even though he wasn’t hurt they wanted to be sure that he was ok.  He was taken to the hospital and brought back very shortly after it was confirmed that he was fine.  So much excitement at the care facility today!!

So anyway this lady, I’ll call her Annie,  So Annie was walking around all angry and upset that she was incarcerated and she hadn’t done anything wrong.  She wanted to know why she was being kept there against her will.  One of the staff was trying to console her but Annie was determined that she needed to go see her sick husband.

I eventually wandered into the conversation and got Annie to focus her attention on my mom.  Annie walked with me down to mom’s room and together we got mom up and moving.  Mom and I wheeled with Annie to her room and had a little visit and nice conversation.  On the walk Annie was complaining about her roommate and how her roommate complains all the time.  Ha, ha, ha!  Annie was having quite a day!  Annie, gave mom a plant for the window sill in her room and all was well.  Annie walked back down the hall with us and then she became distracted by someone else.  Mom and I went and placed her new plant in on her window sill and then wheeled down to have coffee and cookies at the ice cream parlor on Main Street.

About 4:30 I wheeled mom down to the cafeteria in the Lake View Section to have dinner with some friends and I gave her a kiss on the cheek and walked out.  Then I turned around to wave through the window and she waved back and then became engaged with the other residents.

Mom lives in the Mountain View Section because she doesn’t walk so well, but she continues to have very good conversation so she eats and visits in the Lake View Section.  The facility is set up in 4 sections.  The Lake View Section residents are high functioning and verbal, then the Mountain View Section is a lesser functioning hallway.  Then they have two upstairs resident areas with each area focused on the levels in loss of cognitive ability.  It is sad to see the disease progress but it is good to know that there are facilities that care for our loved ones.  All the while, I know that family participation is huge for the residents to know they are still loved and still relevant.

Ok!  I am of to go see mom now!


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