Is It Dementia, Is It Depression or Maybe Both

Even though I am not with my mom (this out of state stuff sucks) I continue to receive updates.  The update yesterday was again amazing.  I would have never thought that dementia could go in this direction.  We have questioned from the very beginning why mom was always sleeping even though she had the state of mind to get up and go to the bathroom, get up and wash the dishes and was very verbal….when she had her hearing aids in.

In retrospect  we should have paid more attention to these clues.  But the fact is, we were complacent in thinking that all was being taken care of appropriately.  I guess we were told so many times that she has dementia that the clues we did see didn’t sink in so very well, we thought it was all just ”normal” for dementia.

Over the last 10 years or so as we all watched mom go into the downward spiral of dementia, it seemed to be a daily confirmation that yes, indeed, mom is getting worse with each passing day, week, season.  I continued to believe that life was ok for mom and her dementia, after all dementia does mean that she may say things that are not quite ‘right’  and she had the quality of life that she was use to and that she was content with…..we thought.

When I think about what mom said during this time I cringe.  How could I have ignored her words?   I am just thankful that one sibling and his wife were paying more attention and realized that changes needed to be made, and quickly.

While talking to my brother yesterday I learned that mom is continuing to come out of her depression and that the director of the care facility she is in is now saying that mom has been depressed and that he can see a huge change in her since she has been a resident there.  Mom is very coherent, she is cognizant of the fact that I am returning to see her this Friday AND she remembers that I was there just a couple of weeks ago.  Is that dementia?  An assessment was done last week and we have not seen the results of that yet.  We need to know what that assessment says and believe me, we will!

This post was originally over 1200 words long.  This is the condensed version.  The rest has been saved elsewhere with the possibility of a book in the future.  I decided that a blog was not the proper place for such telling information.


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