Dementia Care Facilities Offer You A Break

How is it that my mom was one that got dementia?  I don’t know how that works. I guess it doesn’t matter now, it’s here.

My brother and sister in law visit mom daily, sometimes twice a day.  They always have great visits. They go in to visit with a plan to do something fun. Yesterday, at the early visit balloon tennisthey played balloon tennis with the group.  This isn’t a photo of my mom but it shows you what balloon tennis might look like in a facility.  These wonderful seniors get crazy having fun playing this silly game.

The activity director at the facility gathers a group of the residents together and they bat a balloon around to each other.  They get so animated, stretching, batting, talking, joking and laughing!  It is such great fun and what a joy to see them having fun and laughing at themselves and their play.  It is fast moving and helps them to maintain strength, agility and balance along with a sense of community and friendship.  The seniors need friendship and sometimes that caring friend or relative is just enough to help them through another day of their confused life.

If you are caring for your relative at home you might want to look in to a facility that allows for drop in care.  It will give you some time off and it will give your dementia loved one some time to have an ability centered activity that is suited just for them.  Many times the care expenses will be covered by insurance or by the state.  Check in to it.  Also, the Alzheimer’s Association can help you get started.

You need a break.


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