Long Distance Communication With Mom

I am no longer in Seattle so I won’t be seeing mom for a while.  I will return sometime in October but that is a little ways down the road.  me kissing mom

I will miss her but I know she is finally living in a competent dementia care facility and I also know that family will be there daily.  My one brother and his wife will be there several times a day just to make sure mom always knows that her family has not abandoned her.

The last day I saw mom she was being entertained by a cute little therapy dog who woke her and got her out of bed.  She loves the therapy dogs that visit.


This little guy is named Thumper.  Ha ha, we thought it might have been a rabbit but I am thankful that he is a dog.

We went to the resident church service together and then had ice cream out on one of the patios.

A little bit later we took mom in to listen to the musician that was entertaining the residents.  When we walked into the music room mom was handed another therapy dog which made for a great transition for us to be able to exit on a happy note. IMG_20140911_114033The people at this dementia care facility are always thinking about what will work for their residents to have successful days and it is so much appreciated.

Oh, just a little after thought for today…..before I left Seattle we set up our computers with Skype so that when my brother or sister in law visit they will be able to Skype me and mom together from time to time!  It will be great!!



2 responses to “Long Distance Communication With Mom

  1. It must be very reassuring for you to know your mum is in loving and caring hands. It sounds a really lovely facility!


    • Yes, it really is a lovely facility and we are very fortunate that it so close by to my brother and sister in law. I will be headed back in October but in the mean time the situation is great.

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