Mom’s Room – Memory Care Is About Emphasizing the Good, Positive and Happy

Since we moved mom into her Memory Care Facility we have been slowly addingIMG_20140911_122117 meaningful items onto the walls, dresser and book shelf.  She also has a very pretty and ruffly pink flowered bedspread.  She loves pink.  Here is a little look.  The shelf is about 1.5 feet away from the head of the bed and is probably 2 feet wide with a graduated depth.  This is working out perfectly.  She has a basket on the bottom shelf that has cards and a little memorabilia from the family.

So when she wakes up in the morning the first thing she sees are items from her past that make her happy.  We are hopeful that these items will help her to wake up in a happy mood.  Again, of course, the hearing aids are the most important morning item.  When she can hear she has a smile lighting up her face.

IMG_20140911_122153This is the top view of the book shelf.  The fan is actually a lamp that she bought for her mom who has passed many years ago.  The shelf also has a photo of her – she doesn’t recognize herself – along with a photo of Henry and mom sitting in the outside garden.

Then Dorothy purchased a decal that can just be put onto the wall by rubbing it in place, it looks really great.  Then some of the family has hung a few photos.  We are hoping more family will add photos soon.  There is plenty of wallIMG_20140911_122031 space since this is a corner location.  I guess I didn’t show the corner so well, but you can see a little bit of the dresser there that is facing sideways to the current photos.  The decal says ‘Family’.  The top photo is of mom when she was 18 and just graduated high school.

We also have a white board on the wall so family can write messages, under the white board is a calender that we will write on each day to tell mom what activities she can attend. She has already started reading it and understands that yesterday has beenIMG_20140911_122107 slashed through with a green marker , then is today and she even pointed to tomorrow and said, ‘that’s tomorrow’.  So she gets it!

Mom is one smart cookie!!  She has always been a thinker and a problem solver and even in her dementia mind she continues to be both.


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