On The Bus In Dementia Care

I have the activity calender for mom’s care facility and listed today were 2 things that I thought would be fun for mom.  One was a scenic bus ride and the other was the September birthday party with old time fiddlers.

We had to arrive early, about 9:20, to be sure we could get mom up in time.  As it turned out mom had already been up and eaten breakfast but she had returned back to bed by the time we arrived.  She likes to have a morning nap and we actually saw her roommate for the first time as she was also sleeping.  That darn dementia makes them want to sleep.IMG_20140910_102213

Anyhow, we gave her a few minutes to sleep and then it was up and at ém.  I scratched her back which makes her smile and then I put a hearing aid into her ear so she can hear.  (hearing is incredibly important and I will say that as often as possible!)  So then she was happy but still she just wanted to sleep.  Coaxing doesn’t work with dementia and I have learned that, so since she was already dressed I pulled the blanket off and she quickly decided she could get ready.  She got up, went potty and we were off.

We drove around the Issaquah area and back within about 45 minutes.  While we were out Dorothy was back at the room getting a wall ready for family photos and moving around a bookshelf with mom’s personal things on it.  The bookshelf was moved next to mom’s bed so she can sit on her bed and see and touch or go through her basket of stuff and look through her photo album.  It is set up perfect!

After the bus ride it was just about lunch time so we took mom to the dining room and said our happy good byes then.  Good transitioning time!

Later in the day the birthday party was going to be happening for all the September baby’s and there was to be music by some old time fiddlers.  So glad that this facility keeps the residents busy!


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