The First Visit With Mom In Dementia Care

I have been so desperately worried about mom and how she is doing without her family for the last two weeks.  Even though I have called her care givers everyday it wasn’t enough to be told that she is doing well.  Today, I saw for myself that mom is doing great!  I was so excited to see her today.  Mom and Larry

This is mom doing very well.  I know the photo is a bit blurry but look at that great smiling face!!! She is pictured here with her youngest son and my brother, Henry.  I am the one taking the picture.

When we arrived at the Care Facility mom’s husband had just left.  We know that because our older brother had come over to Henry’s house to keep us company and distract us from going to visit mom while the husband was there.  Family controversy going on here.

So when we finally arrived at the Facility, we walked into the resident’s lobby and I told Henry to go find mom and then come and get me.  He found mom sleeping.  Sleeping has become her escape when she gets upset.  Henry got mom up and into her wheelchair and drove her down the hallway to where I managed to get the above photo.  She is soooo happy!

Then mom started showing off her new wheel chair abilities.  She is moving around all over the place by using her feet to propel herself forward and backward.  This is a tremendous accomplishment!  mom and 1948 dodge

Behind her is a 1948 Dodge and it is actually located in the resident’s lobby.  It is a gorgeous car so I just had to take a photo of mom in front of it.

I love the comfy feeling of knowing that mom is in the right place for her but I also need to remember that not all of you will have the same great outcome that we have had.  We have worked hard to get to where we are and really only achieved this outcome because we went out on a limb and on our own when other siblings and her husband did not take appropriate action.   Together Henry, Dorthy and I made the decision that our mom was not going to die a lonely life thinking that nobody listened to her and that nobody cared about her.

You will do what you have to do to make sure your mom or dad or husband or wife is taken care the best way you can.  The thing is this; it will not be easy and people will be mad at you and they will probably be mad at you for a very long time.  So what?  We went with what was right and we were led in the right direction.  I am very thankful!!!

I am not an expert.  I do not have any authority to give advice or to tell you what is best or what will work best for you.  Do your own research and find help that can support you through this.  One good place to start is the Alzheimer’s Association.  If you start there they can help to guide you to local resources.


4 responses to “The First Visit With Mom In Dementia Care

  1. Well done and TY for sharing this.


    • Thank you and you are welcome! I started reading the book – A Loving Approach to Dementia Care, by Laura Wayman. I will writing a post on it for tomorrow. I like it!


  2. Hi there,

    Just found your blog via the WordPress reader.

    I too am a (reluctant) caregiver to my MIL, who has had Alzheimer’s for 4 years now (2 diagnosed), and also find it helpful to blog about it (in poetry though!).

    Sorry to hear you are in a similar position, with two parents as well!

    Looking forward to reading more in future!

    DG x


    • Hi there, So glad you found my blog. I will go and check yours out as well, it’s great to share ideas and information! Support is key for those of us who are in the care giver positions. Thank you so much for taking time to read my blog!


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