Dementia Status Quo

It feels like the Dementia Diagnosis is such an umbrella description that this type of label cannot possibly contain every diagnosed person inside the confines of a box.  I understand that Dementia has many routes that it takes when stealing the proper function of a persons’ brain.  But, one of my questions is this; how does depression play a part in Dementia?

So what happens when a person is depressed?  I just looked up depression and I am in shock at what I just read. Here is a little bit from the web site.


The negative thinking associated with depression leads to a great decline in mood. Self-esteem and self-confidence are generally low among depressed people, due to self-loathing. Adults typically feel sad, hopeless and insignificant, whereas the mood of depressed teenagers is predominantly irritable, according to the Help Guide website. As such, depressed teenagers may appear hostile while adults suffering from depression are also sad and withdrawn.


Depressed individuals experience difficulty paying attention and concentrating. They may have trouble recalling information from memory or retaining new information. According to the AARP website, depression can cause memory dysfunction by interfering with the ability to process information and concentrate. However, increases in mood lead usually led to decreases in cognitive deficits among depressed patients.

Watch for these signs of depression.  I was not aware of what I was seeing and what was happening to mom.

Mom has depression going on as well as the Dementia and from what I can see this Dementia diagnosis is accompanied with the undiagnosed Depression.  I highly doubt that the Dementia is as bad as what I once thought and I can see why she is having such amazing improvement since we moved her into the new Dementia Care Facility.  It is actually not just the Facility that is assisting with improving her mental state of mind but it is a complete change of living situation.  She has been very depressed for a long time.

Because I cannot accept the status quo I am forced to go back and revisit the situation she has lived in for a many years.   What has really happened to her? We really will never get a real answer to that question so we just need to move on.

I love you mom!

I am not a professional and I am not qualified to give out information on any topics in this blog.  This blog is written from my own opinions.


3 responses to “Dementia Status Quo

  1. My husband has depression along with the dementia and I am high anxiety at times.
    Dementia is not a one size fits all disease and it seems that one works for one does”t always work for another.
    I wondered what I was doing wrong when the Drs had me doing the same thing for my husband who has dementia as they had others doing and it wash”t working.
    Seems the basics are the same but I wish the drs would realize these folks are individuals.


    • I can sooo relate to what you are saying here. I am in the same boat you are in. There has to be more answers and those answers have to be for each individual person. As you said, one size does not fit all. Thank you for your comment!! Hopefully, we can get a community going here and find some good support and new ideas.


      • Oh I would so love to b involved in a community here and talk to others.
        Ty so much and it is so good to talk to someone in the same boat as me.


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