Mom Is Breaking Out!

Yes, that is exactly what she is doing.  Mom is breaking out and I am crying tears of joy!

We are still not allowed to visit mom.  I thought we would be able to see her on Friday, 2 days ago, but mom’s nurse said that they didn’t want visits to begin over the weekend because they don’t have enough staff on the weekends to help mom refocus if she did become upset.  mom in wheelchair

So……..During my usual, daily phone call to mom’s care giver I learned that mom continues to adjust very well.  My questioning of the care givers always reveals something new that mom has achieved.  Today I learned that mom is using her wheelchair on her own.  The only way I can figure that she would be able to do that is if she is using her feet to pull herself and push herself around.  This is an amazing move on her part.

Mom has taken her mobility into her own hands and has decided that she is capable.  She has an incredibly difficult time walking with her walker but now she has figured out that she can be mobile on her own in her wheelchair.  I love that!!   Thankfully, she is continuing to use her walker as well.  We want her to stay strong.

Along with her using the wheelchair on her own she has taken charge of her coming and going out of her room.   She now is moving around the Care Facility from her room to the activity room throughout the day without assistance!  To me, this means that she is comfortable where she is, she is trusting her surroundings and has improvement in her capability of making choices.  This is a long stretch from where I found her almost 6 weeks ago, which was in a state of constant sleep and Failing To Thrive.

I know she still has Dementia but I also know that she is still capable to do well at her level of Dementia.  She has a will to live and she is choosing to take charge of her life within the confinements of her Dementia and her Dementia Care Home.

I love my mom and I love that two of us and a wonderful sister in law were brave enough to buck the status quo that the family had abandoned her to.  So happy that we made this move for mom. Go Mom!!!


4 responses to “Mom Is Breaking Out!

  1. This is great news, Joyce. Just using her legs with the wheelchair will strengthen them. Soon she may be using the walker on a regular basis.

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    • I know! I am so excited about her progress! and I do so hope that this inspires others to start to enable their mom’s or dad’s to become all they can be wherever they are in their Dementia. Let Them Live all the way to the end.


  2. Glad she got out. It’s important to see the sun and be around people.


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