Food and Dementia

My Sister In Law and I were just talking about a news clip we saw on King5 News here in Seattle.  Here is the link.  This news clip is talking about diet and how what you eat affects the chances of you getting Alzheimer’s.

We ended up watching the clip probably 6 times and pausing at specific intervals to listen again and again to main points.  The clip says to cut back on carbohydrates and to stay within a 60 to 80 gram carbohydrate diet per day.   I had already cut way down on carbohydrates but now I want to get a better idea of what my current daily intake might be and learn more about the benefits of cutting down on the carbs.

I eat an apple with peanut butter every day and I also eat quinoa almost every day.   I wanted to find out more about carbohydrate content for each and then I wanted to also learn more about the nutritional values and gluten content.  For much of my food research I like to go to Live Strong.  Here is the link

I have found that Live Strong often gives me an abundance of information that is useful for my everyday eating and exercising.  You might like it as well.

I think it is always important to do more research and you should too.  There are lots of sources on the internet and you all need to do your own research to find what works best for you.

Post a comment about your eating habits and any changes you may have made lately.  Do you think diet has anything to do with your chances of getting Dementia/Alzheimer’s?


2 responses to “Food and Dementia

  1. 150 years ago animal protein didn’t have the amount of excess fat that it does now. I eat a lot of almond butter (I have an allergy to peanuts) and avocados. Organic walnut oil is reported to be very healthy for you as well as olive oil. Once I watched a program about using healthy oils in a young child’s breakfast to eliminate epileptic seizures. I wonder if the addition of healthy oil would do the same in beginning states of dementia?


    • Hi Charlene,
      Yes, the oil from peanuts or in your care walnut oil anlong with avocados were mentioned in the video and goes along with what I have read about coconut oil as well. I’ll have to look for the research on coconut oil and the benefit it has on Alzheimer’s. I’ll do a post on it as soon as I can get to it. Thanks for commenting!


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