Elder Care Continues To Amaze Me

I call my mom’s new Care Facility every day during her 2 week transition period. The family has been asked not to visit. This is standard procedure for the facility to take charge and get the new resident acclimated to her new living situation without assistance or interference from the family. You’ve got to know how difficult that is. I have been so worried about how the transition would go because of the horrible experience we all had with her first Care Facility.

Before I say how much of an improvement we have been hearing about with the new facility I also need to address the fact that transitions are not expected to be completely smooth. Mom has definitely had difficult nights and days where she cries. We cannot get away from that. She was left to fend for herself in a strange place with strange people. She undoubtedly has felt that she was abandoned by her family.

But, even with all the drama that abandonment can bring I am still comfortable with mom’s progress.

I am satisfied with the phone conversations that I have had with the nurses in charge of mom’s care. Mom’s transition is much better than I was expecting it to be. The staff is working on getting mom out of bed every day. With mom coming out of her room every day she is rarely isolated or alone. The staff has a great way of enticing her to go into the activity room and be with other people. She is leaving her room to go to eat meals and to interact with other residents and she is not violent. Previously, violence was a problem.

The activity room is where they eat, play games, watch TV, have sing along’s etc. Besides the activity room the residents have lots of safe room to walk and/or wander the hallways among all the antique and familiar decoration. The facility reminds me of a museum. I love the rare antique telephones, furniture, photos, and the restored 1948 Dodge that is located in the Resident Lobby. Love it!! The Beauty Salon is also located in the residents main lobby and this area is called Main Street. They have an old time wooden Barber Pole next to the door of the Salon. I will take some photos on Friday when I visit my mom. I wish I could go there right now, but I can’t. Waiting, waiting, waiting. 🙂

I am having a difficult time waiting for Friday to arrive. I am really excited to get to see her.

I know we made the right move and I know that we all just need to be patient.


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