This Is My Mom

I cannot wait to share my mom with you.  It will be a joy to share information that will offer you insight into life with Dementia and hopefully help in your understanding in how to continue to love your mom or dad through the years.


For me and my brother this has been quite a process. We had to work through a number of family obstacles that stood in our path, but just know, with persistence things will work out.  Mom’s care is the focus.  We had to focus on the goal.  It has been so very much worth the effort and tough times.  We have been able to find the best care for mom and care for her that is specifically suited to her everyday needs.

Care for my mom is still and will always remain my joy and will forever be the gigantic love in my heart.  Do not ever stop participating in your parents life.  In the final years of their life they have only you.

The rewards for you are tremendous and so extremely enormous and are forever present when you take that journey into the unknown world of Dementia.

Love her, protect her, bestow beautitudes upon her and most of all make her know she is still important, she is still relevant and she is still a person.

Still Marilyn


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